Welcome to Ron Burkey's Project Page
A collection of miscellaneous projects, unrelated to each other except by my involvement in them

  • Free software for ripping Teaching Company DVD lectures to mp3 or iPod video.

I'm Cross!
  • Free software for setting up Linux to develop Windows or Mac OS X software.
Virtual Apollo
  • Free software for simulation of the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC).
The Birds Project.
  • Free software and for helping develop DO-178B based airborne software.
  • Free software for adding HTML or LaTeX markup to Project Gutenberg etexts. 
  • Free etexts in PDF, LaTeX, and LyX.
  • Free software library for porting Borland Turbo C code to GNU gcc.
  • Free software for a plain-text indexing/searching/browsing system.
Sandy Aslesen.
  • Online songbook, including lyrics, mp3, etc.
About Ron.
  • ... if you have the perverse desire to know about me.

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