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Laser Trek LDD-series vests and guns.Laser Trek LT-series vest.


Laser Trek is a "laser tag" type of game system, suitable for installation in theme parks or high-end family entertainment centers.  Heads Up Technologies manufactures all of the equipment for this game (other than some off-the-shelf items such as audio amplifiers or speakers) and the software for it, as well as offering arena-design and installation services.  The typical system price is in the range $100K-200K.  There are (or have been) Laser Trek installations in Japan, Thailand, Canada, and at various locations in the United States, including sites at Six Flags and Sea World.

 What is Laser Trek?  Laser Trek is a game which takes place in a futuristic "arena", and consists of the following components:

  • A "game computer" (generally a Pentium PC) which is a central controller and information-collection point for the system.
  • Vests and battery-powered laser guns.  A typical number of guns would be 20.  The player wears the vest and carries (and fires) the gun.
  • Targets within the arena.  A typical number of targets would be 5.
  • Additional special effects or pieces of scenery, such as the arch filled with lightning bolts seen below.
  • A "network" that loosely couples together the game computer, vests/guns, and targets.
  • What did I do for Laser Trek?  I did not design the attractive sets and plastic seen in the accompanying photos, but I performed virtually all of the remaining technical design (as opposed to integration) work in this system.  The architecture of the system is entirely my work.

    Arch/Lightning special-effect, small vesting rack, and miscellaneous scenery.

    Technically, the most interesting elements of the Laser Trek system are these:

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