About Ron Burkey
PBS-400 and PBS-250 Passenger-Briefing Systems

At a Glance

I provided the complete hardware and firmware designs for these Heads Up Technologies avionics products in 1991.  Among the things I provided were:

PBS-400 -- multi-language passenger-briefing system.

Remote-control panel circuit board, with CPU.  LED circuit board for remote-control panel.

Insulator -- manufactured as if a circuit board -- for remote-control panel.

Power supplies, audio amps, and other analog circuitry.  CPU and other digital circuitry.

Memory circuit board, based on linear flash-memory cards.  Alternate memory board, based on nor flash-memories, with a CPU for control.

Alternate memory board based on EPROMs -- never manufactured.  Alternate memory board base on flash memories -- never manufactured.


These products were intended to be improved versions of the earlier Heads Up Cabin Briefer product.  Among these improvements were the following:

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