I saw the weather beginning to change,
The clouds got real dark and the sky filled with rain.
I should have pulled in my sail and headed for home,
I thought I was strong enough to face the storm alone.

The wind picked up strength, ripped the sail from the mast!
The waves came in crashing, my boat filled up fast!
I knew I needed to turn back to the safety I'd known,
But how in this darkness could I ever find home?
Could I ever find home?

Suddenly a Light came shining through that dark night,
I stood there staring not believing my eyes!
Could it be a Lighthouse out there?
Could it be that Someone out there
Could see the trouble I'd gotten myself in?
I headed for the Light, just like a Close Friend!
As fast as it started, well the wind all but died
The rain it all stopped and I started to cry
I could see that the keeper
had been waiting outside
A smile on His wet face and His arms open wide!

I jumped from the boat, swam hard for the shore
He held me tight gave me warm clothes,
Hot dinner in bed
And sang me to sleep with His lap beneath my head

He said: I'll be your Lighthouse when life rains on you
When even your good days find you sand and blue
All through your ups and your downs, girl
I'll always be around.

©1995 Sandy Aslesen