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Heads Up Cartridge Checklist System (CMS-400)

At a Glance

In 1991 and subsequently, I designed this Heads Up Technologies aviation checklist system.  I provided:

CMS-400 computer unit plus removable memory cartridge

User-terminal circuit board, with CPU  Main CPU circuit board, with power supplies, audio amps, etc.

Optional A/D-input circuit board

Circuit board for removable memory cartridge.  Alphanumeric LED circuit board


This is an audio checklist for pilots.  The idea behind this product is that it is an enhanced replacement for the "Gold" Checklist unit.  Functionally, it is basically the same product, though differing completely in hardware and firmware, but simply with more of everything.  Here are some examples:
Global-option setup screen

View/edit multiple records.

Edit a single line of the checklist.

Though primitive in appearance by today's standards (recall that the program pre-dates any usable version of Microsoft Windows), the HEDITOR program is actually quite usable and indeed, is still in constant use today (2001).  In fact, I included a number of rather sophisticated features in the program, implementing them all myself rather than having the use of commercial packages:

Abbreviation engine asking the user to edit/approve a proposed abbreviation.

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