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Cessna Integrated Aural Warning System (IAWS)

At a Glance

In 1991 and subsequently, I provided the following design elements for this Heads Up Technologies aviation-industry series of products:

External-connector board  LED-driver board.

LED board  LCD-driver board

External electrical-input board  Audio or video CPU board

Audio-decompressor CPU board  Power-supply and miscellaneous board



This is an "annunciator panel" installed in all Cessna CitationJet-series aircraft.  An "annunciator panel", at the simplest level, is simply a box with electrical inputs on the back and lights on the front.  When an electrical signal becomes active, the associated light turns on.  Thus, the pilots can be warned of dangerous conditions like generator failures or flaps not set properly.  Of course, the IAWS unit goes far beyond this simplistic model, in some of the following ways:

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