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Attractively formatting Project Gutenberg texts

Ladders, by Lynnie Rothan

What's this stuff?

On this page, you can see samples of Project Gutenberg etexts that have been converted to HTML with GutenMark software, and then subsequently converted to Adobe PDF with various formatting options.  These samples are provided primarily so that PG volunteers can view -- and comment on -- printing formats for the Foundation Project, Inc., which proposes to create a print-on-demand service for PG etexts.

In case you're wondering, GutenMark has no affiliation with the Foundation Project.  But obviously there is a pretty close match between our goals, and we're happy to be able to cooperate.

Anyhow, everyone is free to view or comment on these materials, whether or not you're a PG volunteer.  Please direct comments to Craig Morehouse, President of the Foundation Project, Inc.  The initial review period has been extended to March 1, 2002.

What kind of comments are wanted?  Well, here's a quote from Craig:  "Everything is open, and we want to know what looks best to each of you."

Samples from PG etext BLDHB10.TXT

Format description
8.5"×5.5" 9pt Avant-garde font 153K
8.5"×5.5" 9pt Bookman font 171K
8.5"×5.5" 9pt Courier font 57K
8.5"×5.5" 9pt Helvetica font 58K
8.5"×5.5" 9pt New Century Schoolbook font 44K 163K
8.5"×5.5" 9pt Palatino font 161K
8.5"×5.5" 9pt Times Roman font 57K
8.5"×5.5" 10pt Avant-garde font 156K
8.5"×5.5" 10pt Bookman font 43K 157K
8.5"×5.5" 10pt Courier font 51K
8.5"×5.5" 10pt Helvetica font 50K
8.5"×5.5" 10pt New Century Schoolbook font 169K
8.5"×5.5" 10pt Palatino font 163K
8.5"×5.5" 10pt Times Roman font 42K 49K
8.5"×5.5" 12pt New Century Schoolbook font 43K 181K

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