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Attractively formatting Project Gutenberg texts

Ladders, by Lynnie Rothan

For Power Users

If you are a power user such as a web-site developer, or someone who wants to convert large batches of files, then you will want to run the command-line program (GutenMark).  Click here to learn more about that.  You will also want to know about the command-line program GutenSplit, which for some inexplicable reason I documented elsewhere.

For Casual Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X Users

If you are a casual user who just wants things to be as simple as possible, then you will want to skip all the stuff mentioned above and just run the graphical front-end program (GUItenMark). Click here to learn more about that.

For iPhone/iPod Touch Users

iPhone users are "power users" by definition, since no GUI frontend is provided for that platform.  Nevertheless, Jason Pollock, who came up with the idea for iPhone support and went to the trouble of figuring out how to do it, provides us with the following notes on usage:
For example, here are the command-line instructions which Jason's Gutenberg SciFi repository installs "The Emancipatrix":

/usr/bin/GutenMark --profile=en --no-toc --config=/etc/GutenMark.cfg /var/mobile/Media/EBooks/The_Emancipatrix/5699.txt /var/mobile/Media/EBooks/The_Emancipatrix/5699-h.htm
/usr/bin/GutenSplit --no-toc /var/mobile/Media/EBooks/The_Emancipatrix/5699-h.htm /var/mobile/Media/EBooks/The_Emancipatrix/Chapter_

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