Ron's Indexing Program (RIP) 
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Console-based text indexing, retrieval, and browsing

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"Reflections" by Lynn Rothan


Change Log
Bug/Issue List

Change Log

08/10/02.  Note that for newer versions of the TurboC library, additional compiler switches are needed in the RIP Makefile to insure that X-libraries can be linked.  Refer to the TurboC library web-page.

04/20/02.  [Snapshot 20020420.]  A much more satisfactory version of the TurboC library used to port this application to *NIX is now available.  Ready for initial release again ... and this time, for sure!

03/24/02.  Changed Home/End commands to T/B instead, since the libTurboC library cannot report Home/End keypresses.  Considerable display speedup has occurred as a result of using the latest version of libTurboC.  The B (End) command has been improved by only jumping near the end of the file, and only to a complete line.

03/10/02.  *NIX port now ready for initial release ... or so I thought.

01/09/02.  Cleaned up RIP source code and documentation for a GPL'd public release.  Up to this point, I've only used the program myself.  Alas!  Freshmeat has declined to announce my project, on the grounds that they don't "do" MS-DOS.

1997-1998.  Complete development of RIP97 program, based on Borland C++Builder.  This Win32 application is a replacement for the search/browse functionality of the MS-DOS RIP program.  It still requires RIP to create/maintain the database, but perhaps provides  a more-pleasant experience for someone who just wants to read/search the text in the database.   The program is functional, as far as I know, but it was practically my first GUI program (and first Win32 program) and isn't really very good.

1996-1997.  Complete development of RIP program, based on Borland Turbo C 2.0.  This MS-DOS application is a complete system for maintaining a plain-text database.  It is fully functional and without known serious bugs.  Functionality includes indexing/compression of the text, index-based searches of the text, retrieval/decompression of the text, browsing the text, and testing the integrity of the database.

Bug/Issue List

Number Date Program Description Status
6 04/20/02 *NIX rip Occasionally, search-words are not highlighted in the browser.  The example I've seen is in a search for the word "jesus". To do.
5 04/20/02 FreeBSD rip Because FreeBSD lacks an fcloseall function, there is the potential problem that in the case of a large number of internal errors the number of open files will increase past an acceptable limit.  This problem seems unlikely to occur in practice. The best approach would be a fix in the TurboC library.
4 04/20/02 *NIX rip A lot of 8-bit ASCII texts are now available (particularly on Project Gutenberg), whereas only 7-bit texts were widely available when RIP was originally developed.  This does not present a problem for indexing/compression/uncompression, but doesn't work well with the interactive part of RIP, since non-7-bit characters are displayed as unprintables, and since there's no way to search for them. To do.
3 03/10/02 *NIX rip When a text is uncompressed from within the browser, it is placed within the unrip directory.  This directory should be excluded from the compression/indexing process. To do.
2 03/10/02 *NIX rip When doing a random jump into a text, the first subsequent use of the up-arrow does not work.  Second and later uses are fine. To do.
1 03/10/02 *NIX rip The browse function is incapable of resizing the console physically, although it can resize it logically.  If the console is not sized properly before running the function, or if it is reduced in size while running the program, a segfault will occur. Fixed 04/20/02, by means of the newest version of the TurboC library.

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