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Download the latest development snapshot here .

Date Change
Dick Borrett has pointed out that the library no longer compiles in Ubuntu 9.x and later, due (apparently) to changes in the native gettext, getmaxx, and getmaxy functions and/or macros.  This is now hopefully fixed in the latest development snapshot.  I'm able to build in 64-bit Ubuntu 10.04, and to run the measily excuse for test programs I've provided, but I admit that I've made no extensive effort to test.
Fixed some instructions on the home page, wherein "TurboC.a" was referenced rather than "libTurboC.a".  (Thanks to Swapnil Kamble for pointing this problem out.)
Fixed PR #40, which doesn't affect anybody but new users.
Fixed PR #39, which doesn't affect anybody but new users, I think.
Fixed PR #38, which involved a gettext conflict in some newer Linux versions.
Fixed PR #37, which keeps TurboC from compiling with gcc 3.x and/or newer library versions.
06/09/02 Added outtext.
06/08/02 outtextxy, textwidth, textheight, settextstyle , and settextjustify have now been implemented for DEFAULT_FONT (the bitmapped font).   Stroke fonts still need to be implemented. 
06/02/02 20020602 snapshot released.   The graphics.h functionality is now essentially complete, except for the absence of text-display functions (which can be worked around with Xib).   The text-display functions are next on the to-do list.
05/26/02 Added IBM-PC/Unicode translation table, in preparation for implementing outtext.
05/25/02 Added the functions getcolor, setallpalette, sector, graphdefaults.
05/24/02 Greatly improved the rationale for Pixmap allocation with getimage , so that the freeimage function is no longer needed (and has been dropped).  Added the functions grapherrormsg, getpalettesize , getmodename, getmaxmode, getmaxcolor.
05/23/02 Added the getimage, putimage, and imagesize functions.  These functions need to be used wtih great care, and unfortunately require image buffers to be explicitly freed with the newly-invented freeimage function.
05/22/02 detectgraph now actually works more-or-less as documented by Borland, and is used by initgraph when appropriate.  restorecrtmode , setgraphmode, fillpoly have been added.  A fix was made in closegraph.
05/21/02 pm The user now cannot manually close the graphics window (hopefully!).  Added the functions bar3d, drawpoly, getdrivername .
05/21/02 am The functions listed in the item below are still "preliminary" but no longer "buggy".  Also, pieslice and fillellipse now correctly use the fill pattern/style, rather than just filling with the solid foreground color.
05/20/02 Added preliminary but buggy versions of setfillstyle, setfillpattern, getfillstyle, getfillsettings, and bar.
05/19/02 Lots of stuff contributed by Igor Bujna was added.  Thanks Igor!  These include:  sopen, struct date , dostounix,unixtodos, getdate, an alternate version of gettime (gettime_d), and biosprint.  As a side effect, there is now a bios.h header file.  delay was added, and clock/CLK_TCK were adjusted to TurboC values rather than UNIX values.
05/14/02 Added getpalette, getdefaultpalette, getcolor , and getbkcolor.
05/13/02 Fixed an unexpected interaction between setviewport and setvisualpage.   Added the cleardevice and clearviewport functions.
05/10/02 Line-styles and write-modes now implemented.
05/09/02 arc, circle, ellipse, fillellipse , pieslice, getarccoords added.  getch now works from within a graphics window, for "normal" keys.
05/08/02 Added a lot of new graphics functions.Made snapshot tarball much smaller by removing pointless Source Navigator project files.
05/07/02 Crude but workable support for a few graphics functions now available.
04/29/02 Began adding support for graphics.h.  (Doesn't do anything interesting yet.)
04/20/02 Fixed some missing escape-key sequences for F1-F5,F10 when running remotely.  Fixed a timing problem with initial screen sizing that appeared only when running remotely.  Screen redraw after resizing finally reliable, I think.  Fixed the FreeBSD compile, which was broken. Also, added advice on running in FreeBSD.
04/19/02 20020419 snapshot released.  Incorporated delays to account for timing problems in screen resizing.
04/18/02 The strcpy and strncpy now compile correctly if implemented as macros.  Big deal:  The very annoying screen-sizing problem is apparently now fixed under xterm.
03/31/02 A callback function, ConioResizeCallback is now activated upon console resizing.  Apps no longer segfault on being resized too small (I think).  ncurses is now terminated properly if the ported app is sent a KILL or TERM signal.
03/24/02 Fixed PR#22 (strings like strcmp implemented as macros fail to compile if optimization is on).  Display speed substantially increased by delaying wrefresh during cputsxterm screen resizing is now bypassed if there's no TERM=xterm environment variable.  Fixed PR#21 (tabbing broken).
03/23/02 Now builds under Mac OS X (but doesn't fully work) if ncurses is installed.  20020323 snapshot released.  Fixed PR#20 (improper update of non-fullscreen window after movetext & puttext).  The getftime function is now working.  Added the _setcursortype function.   Added the directvideo, _directvideo, and _wscroll variables.
03/21/02 Added the getpass function.  Fixed cgets bugs PR#17-19.  In fact, cgets had been shockingly screwed up.   The functions insline and delline have been added.
03/20/02 The functions findfirst and findnext have been added.
03/19/02 Now provides a constant __libTurboC__ for Turbo C backward compatibility.  Now builds both libTurboC.a (translated integer types) and libTurboCu.a (untranslated).
03/18/02 Fixed TurboC header files so that they work with C++ programs.   Fixed Makefile so that TurboC headers don't have to be system headers to build the library.
03/17/02 20020317 snapshot released.   Added the gettext, puttext, and movetext functions.   Fixed a serious bug (PR#14) in window management.   Linedraw and other weird displayable characters added to putch et al.
03/16/02 Greatly enhanced special-key support, including all Alt-keys and improved Fn keys.   Fixed PR#11 (non-working unshifted keys on numeric keypad).   Partial fix PR#9:  Physical console is now automatically resized with xterm.
03/12/02 20020312 snapshot released.
03/02/02 Many changes, particularly involving integer datatypes.
02/03/02 Web page created.

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