GUItenMark GUI Usage Page
Attractively formatting Project Gutenberg texts

Ladders, by Lynnie Rothan

What is GUItenMark?

GUItenMark is a program of a type known as a "graphical front-end".  It provides a simplified method of accessing the GutenMark command-line program and (20080601 or later) the GutenSplit command-line program.  In other words, the GutenMark and GutenSplit programs still do all of the work of converting your etext to HTML (or LaTeX), but you no longer have to bother about learning how to use them, or to bother dealing with the command-line if it's not your thing.

Learning to Use GUItenMark, in One Minute or Less

To me, GUItenMark seems completely self-explanatory, and you probably don't even need any instructions at all.  But as the proud parent I may be kidding myself.  So here's a little extra prattle on the subject:
  1. The installer creates a desktop icon or Start-menu option which refers to GUItenMark as the "Project Gutenberg Prettifier", or in Mac OS X as "GUItenMark".  Run the program.
  2. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a thousand words worth of explanation (click the picture to enlarge it):

A Few of the Finer Points of GUItenMark

The explanation above—if you can dignify it with that term—probably covers 99% of what most people want to do most of the time, namely to convert etext to HTML using decent conversion options.  Nevertheless, GUItenMark can do more than that:  It can actually control every useful option provided by GutenMark and GutenSplit, and throws in a few other flourishes besides.

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