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Bird Man, a painting by artist Lynn Rothan
I won't bore you with the full story, but here's a brief relevant synopsis.

I was born in Columbus, Ohio, in 1957.  I've lived in Dallas (or its environs) since 1979.

I have a B.S. (Mathematics, 1978) from the Ohio State University.  I have an M.S. (Physics, 1984) and PhD. (Physics, 1989) from the University of Texas at Dallas.  In the process, I became a member of various honor societies, such as Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi.  I had a small sprinkling of research publications (in Physics), prior to being lured away from research for the elusive dream (i.e., false hope) of riches in industry.  A shame, too, since the research was pretty good.

I was one of the founders of Heads Up Technologies, Inc., in 1984 (or 1985, depending on how you look at it), which is a company that designs and manufactures various aviation products, as well as products for mass transportation and the entertainment industry.  Airborne products that I've been involved with include audio checklist systems, audio passenger-briefing systems, cockpit audio/video annunciator systems, environmental controllers, etc.  Entertainment products include laser tag systems for "family fun centers" and portions of important rides for major theme parks, whose names I wish I could disclose.

I've been at Heads Up ever since.  For all of the company's earlier products, I designed both the hardware and the software.  Lately, I've concentrated mainly on the software.

If you want to see a cross-section of what has interested me recently, check out my personal home page.

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