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Bird Man, a painting by artist Lynn Rothan


"BirdsPLD" Sample DO-254 Project

In this sample, we imagine a fictitious line-replaceable unit called the "BirdsCWS", which is an annunciator --- i.e., it accepts electrical inputs that trigger annunciations of warning or caution conditions to the crew --- needing qualification at assurance level C.  According to AC20-152, we are not expected to apply DO-254 to the complete hardware design for the BirdsCWS, but only to the complex micro-coded devices therein.  Therefore, we suppose that there is a PLD (called the "BirdsPLD").  The BirdsPLD doesn't implement any of the specific BirdsCWS functional requirements.  However, we imagine that one of the system requirements for the BirdsCWS is that some amount of hardware compatibility is needed between the BirdsCWS and other hardware projects, so that software reusability can be maximized.  Thus, there is a derived requirement for a PLD to provide this cross-generational/cross-project hardware compatibility, and the BirdsPLD implements this derived requirement.

Here is the project data.  I'm still in the process of creating it, so not all of it is complete yet.

Data Item
System requirements for "BirdsCWS" (the parent project of which BirdsPLD is a part).
I don't intend to actually create this document, since it contains a single requirement of interest to us, namely it requires cross-generational/cross-project hardware compatibility to facilitate software reuse.
PHAC for the BirdsCWS parent project.
I don't intend to create this document either.  Its sole interest for our purposes is that it supposedly describes the "summary of the certification basis" and the "justification of hardware level", and thus is called out in the BirdsPLD-PHAC.
This directory contains the BirdsPLD XML database for Do178Builder, along with all of the graphics needed to actually build the documents.
I'm still in the process of creating it, so not all of it is complete yet.
The BirdsPLD Plan for Hardware Aspects of Certification
This is just a draft.  I haven't yet defined the Planning Process nor the Review Checklists that would allow me to approve and release it.
The Birds PLD Hardware Design Plan
Not ready yet.
Process checklists called out by BirdsPLD-HDP but not included in it.
Not ready yet.
BirdsPLD-HVVP_1.00.pdf The Birds PLD Hardware Validation and Verification Plan
Not ready yet.
Review checklists called out by BirdsPLD-HVVP but not included in it. Not ready yet.
BirdsPLD-HRD_1.00.pdf The Birds PLD Hardware Requirements Data
Not ready yet.
BirdsPLD-HDRD_1.00.pdf The Birds PLD Hardware Design Representation Data
Not ready yet.
This directory contains the Birds PLD detailed design data, such as the VHDL source code.
Not ready yet.
BirdsPLD-HTPR_1.00.pdf The Birds PLD Hardware Test Procedures and Results
Not ready yet.
BirdsPLD-HATC_1.00.pdf The Birds PLD Hardware Acceptance Test Criteria
Not ready yet.
BirdsPLD-HAS_1.00.pdf The Birds PLD Hardware Accomplishment Summary
Not ready yet.
BirdsPLD-VVD_1.00.pdf The Birds PLD Validation and Verification Data, including the Hardware Configuration Management Records and Hardware Process Assurance Records.  This is a PDF of scans of completed reviews and tests.
Not ready yet.

Sample DO-178B Project

Sorry, no ideas for this yet!

Long-time readers -- assuming that such a thing exists for this website! -- may recall that this space used to contain a description of a roadmap for a reusable (pre-qualified) software environment for airborne use:  function library, operating system, and so forth.  I have now reached the point of trying to push such a thing past my DER, and was told basically, "No way, Jose!"  The explanation to me was that it is basically impossible under any circumstances pre-qualified reusable software, though you can get away to a certain extent with reusing software amongst your own projects.  In other words, you can create "reusable" software that is qualifiable, but not that is qualified.  If you want to read my sadly-over-optimistic ideas, you can still do so here, but I assure you that I'm not going to implement those ideas.

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