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Sandy Aslesen's Christian Songbook

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Virgin Seed Mix, by artist Lynn Rothan

What's with "flower" image?  The image is courtesy of painter Lynn Rothan.  There's no way to know if Sandy would have liked this painting or not.  To me, it seems somehow appropriate.  If you like the image, check out the artist's web site.  (But if you do so, expect to find Art rather than Christian Art.)

Why ""?  Sandy was sometimes affectionately known to friends as "the Sandroid."

You allow us to freely download these songs.  Does that mean they're free?  Yes and no.  Please read the license page if you want to do anything other than use these songs for your own private pleasure.

What is Christopheros Music?  This is the name under which Sandy and Jeff Aslesen made music available to the public.  It is not a corporate entity separate from Sandy and Jeff.

Why do the layouts of the lyrics files vary so much?  Good eye!  Sandy wanted the songs to look beautiful as well as sounding beautiful, and spent some time playing with the appearance of the lyrics.  Rather than attempt to standardize them, I thought it might be best to preserve the appearance -- where practical.  Sadly, very little of her formatting survives in a typical browser.

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