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Unfortunately, I don't personally hold the copyrights for any of the published materials listed here.  In other words, these materials are not freely reproducable.  I've just presented them for brief viewing in order to satisfy any curiosity you might have about my activities.  If you want to actually use any of the published materials, you'll have to order reprints (from the respective journals) or obtain them through inter-library loan.  In cases where I know how to do that, I've provided the necessary instructions.

I think this is justified as "fair use" of the material, considering that the technical publications in which the documents originally appeared are not normally available to non-specialists in the relevant fields of study.  However, if anyone has a problem with this, let me know (preferably in a polite way that doesn't use the L-word) and I'll immediately remove the offending material.

The documents contained here are in Adobe PDF format.  If you don't have the free Acrobat Reader viewer, you can download it.  By the way, most documents are scans and are therefore pretty large downloads.

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